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Types of Law


Law is a very broad topic. There are very many branches of law. A society cannot operate with the law. It will govern the conduct of people in a certain area and their relationships. It will put the boundaries that people will not go beyond. The limits will enhance peace and respect between people of different ages, classes and also authority. Law is almost common but will differ in very few aspects depending on the state on which it is being applied. Law will determine some factors. One of them is the community culture. Culture is the way of life of people. Since the law is what sets limits of living, then it is inbound to the norms. Some of these include the mode of marriage, how you give dowry, a division of labor at house level, the food you eat and the type of shelter. This will make sure that all the sections of the law are tied to the culture. Another factor that will determine the type of law is the type of government. This is because the constitutions for monarchical, aristocratic, democratic and democratic governments are very different. Law will also be dictated by events that will occur in the course of life. They are included if found important.


There are several branches of law. One of them is the criminal law. This one will deal with criminal cases. For people who are convicted by the court because of certain actions such as rape, murder, robbery, and drug trafficking or any theft fall under this law. It will state the punishments that the person will face if found guilty. One of them is jail, corporal punishment or even a penalty. The professionals specialized in this branch of law are called criminal defense attorneys.


The other id family law. It will involve the matters that are related to the family. These include divorce, child support, separation and so wealth. The people who deal with these are called family lawyers, click!


Business law is also called the corporate law. It will deal with the contracts that are made among business partners. It may range from companies to small firms. It deals with breach of trade contracts and rights such as copyrights, franchise rights among other. They also handle employment contract breaching. Estate law will deal with matters of succession and inheritance of property left by the deceased. Injury law will deal with accidents such as vehicles, falls among others. Insurance law deals with matters related to insurance policies.  Law is very wide.



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