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The Functions of Law


Laws are the rules that are recognized and enforced in a certain country or community. Failure to adhere to these laws may result in the imposition of penalties. The main role of law is to regulate of the people who reside in that country or community. The rules are the ones that determine the corrective measures to be taken against lawbreakers. Law is used to ensure that there are equality and respect among members of the country or community in question. The main reasons as to why laws are made are to ensure that standards are established, the order is maintained, disputes are resolved, and people's rights are protected.


One of the purposes of law is to establish standards. The law provides a guideline on the behaviors that are acceptable in the society. If an activity is against the law, then it is termed as a crime. The legislative body is the one that has the authority to decide on the behaviors that can never be tolerated in that community. Any damage caused to an individual or their property is usually considered a violation of the law. Any genuine case of physical injury caused intentionally is said to be a crime of assault. Law is what ensures that every member of society receives fair treatment. Visit homepage!


The law is used to maintain order among the subjects of a certain country or community. Order maintenance is considered an offshoot of standards establishment. Every society requires some level of order for proper operation. The laws at enforced are usually under the guidelines of the society. Resolving of disputes is made possible by the presence of laws. It is next to impossible to have a society that lacks disputes since human beings have different needs, wants, values and views. With the presence of the law, disputes can be resolved formally. The legal systems in different society are different.


The law protects individuals rights and liberties. The human rights and liberties are stated in the country's constitution and statutes. Law ensures that these rights and liberties are never violated. It also prevents unreasonable intrusions that may be caused by individuals, organizations or the government. The governance of any society is usually under the law. The constitution prohibits the government from making laws that are unfair to its subjects. In case you feel some of your rights and liberties have been violated, you can resolve this by presenting your case in court. If you want to learn more about the Law, visit